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Default Re: Lakers Scouting Department

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
looool Im dying here...

Jesse: But as far as family goes, my father and I used to watch the games growing up and he'd always have things to say. It's been more Jimmy – through several scouting trips and in general – who took me under his wing since I've become a professional. (As Ray Charles said to Stevie Wonder...."I'll Drive")

More Jesse:
Two of the most important statistics I look are are games played and minutes played. It really depends on how much a player is bringing to the floor to help contribute. Obviously, numbers can look ugly when a guy only plays ten minutes a game, but if he's doing really well in those ten minutes you start to think, 'Well what would he do if he played 36?' So I definitely use stats, but I never let any single thing govern my decisions one way or another.

DK: Those are important stats??????

Hmmm.....if a guy is only getting 10 minutes per game in college he's not going to play in the NBA Oh...of course his coach never considered how such an effective talent would play if he got more minutes, it's not like he's coaching to win or anything

I also loved him talking about their "War Room".....reminded me of the guy who plays in Beer Pong tournaments, telling everyone he's a professional

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