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Default Re: Anyone here playing Sleeping Dogs?

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
I hadn't even heard of this until now. I'll stop and pick it up on my way home tonight. I haven't played anything in months. Pretty much since I burnt out on Skyrim I haven't played anything.

I've got pre-orders in for RE6, The Last of Us, and Assassin's Creed 3. But while I've been in Gamestop looking putting my orders in I never noticed anything I found intrigueing. I must've just walked by this.

GameInformer gave it a 7.75, but the user rating is 9.25, and it sounds like you guys are in the same boat.

It's just fun. the fighting is fun, the story is actually interesting (five times more so if you are into hong kong type movies or even if you really liked the departed), and the missions rarely every give you something you don't want to do. Games are supposed to be fun and this game is really fun.
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