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Default Re: Anyone here playing Sleeping Dogs?

I'm playing the demo now. Pretty cool. I had to fight my way in this factory, then got into a shootout. Now I chased some asian dude whom I have to injure but not kill all the while bad guys are trying to stop me from escaping with him in grasp.

1. I've died a couple times fighting. Takes a minute to get the fighting down. I figured out all you have to do is wait and counter, similar to Assassins creed when you are surrounded by enemies

2. Died a few times trying to escape while holding dude engaging in shootouts. I've been pretty impatient just trying to rush thru the game but definately gonna take my time.

I hope there is more to do after I finish this mission. My only gripe with this game is no multiplayer. I'd like some sort of Free Mode atleast to d!ck around the enviroment like you could in GTA 4. Ah well.
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