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Default Re: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Originally Posted by D12"Magic"
Head Hunter is team based, you must pick up the most sparks as a team and carry it to the base, kind of like kill confirmed in MW3, but you have to bring the sparks to an objective and you can carry and unlimited amount but if you get killed they all drop.

Someone could join at anytime in Escalation mode.

I got past Wave 15 yesterday and I was disappointed it was Locked after that, I cant remember but I thought in WFC you could play beyond Wave 15?

Also playing as a Dinobot in campaign is so ****ing cool
Oh nice that sounds really good then, glad they made it that way.

About damn time, I was hoping since Gears 2 eventually made that possible games like Halo reach, transformers would do the same. About time someone else did. (and Halo 4 supposedly will as well)

I never got to 15, I tried my ass off just for that ****ing achievement for it, but never got there. I can't wait to play as a dinobot, hoping to pick this game up either this weekend or monday.
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