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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by raiderfan19
To be clear, no one actually thinks jones ducked chael right? Jones last 4 fights had been shogun, machida, rampage and rashad. Add Henderson who he signed to fight and that's the next 5 best lhws in the world in about 18 months. If anyone has earned the right to be free from ducking allegations it's him.
i would have to throw myself in the same boat as ~50% of MMA fans and seemingly 75% of MMA fighters in saying that yes, i absolutely think that jones ducked chael. but like the case you've made across many posts i also agree with you that yes, in a perfect world, jones had every right to turn down the fight with zero repercussions.

in a perfect world, jones' decision was not connected in any way to the rest of the card, the huge amounts of time and money that his fellow fighters spent training, dana white's asshole dictator routine, the wants of the fans or anything else.

but the bottom line for me is this: the dude single-handedly had a chance to do everyone a favor, stand by his previous words, and destroy MMA's biggest loudmouth while looking like the golden boy. all this would have greatly helped to wash the taste out of many of our mouths regarding his previous actions and poorly-chosen words the last few months or so.

anyway, he's a big boy. he's made his choice and now he has to live with it. he's reaping what he sowed. whether he learns anything from the experience, we'll see. he probably needs a humbling or an ass-kicking in order for me to go back to being a supporter. i expect, when he goes HW in a year or to.
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