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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by Brujesino
He didnt "Duck" him.I really hate when people just throw that word around BUT he avoided that fight even though he said we would never turn down a fight.Why didnt he fight him now?

And whats this about Chael knowing henderson was hurt 3 weeks ago?Dana didnt call him to see if want the fight until yesterday.Chael has been talking about Jones since before he even lost to Anderson the second time.

ya, i don't tend to believe that either. if the card was that imminent in getting pulled, i don't think ufc waits two weeks to notify all parties. they have hendo checked out right away. chael found out about hendo's injury before other fighters and media did? dana secretly met up with chael to prepare him for a fight? then concocted the idea to spring it on jones 9 days before the PPV? that's quite the conspiracy theory.

chael went after jones simply because he's champ and has succeeded in talking himself into the title fights and selling the fight with sound bytes along the way. it's nothing more and nothing less. when he started talking smack is coincidental.

oh and belfort is looking ripped again:

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