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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by Jackass18
They still have fights. It's not like those guys will never fight again. They're just delayed.
hey, let's be serious. tell that to their landlords and bill-collectors who want their money NOW. you know how that kind of thing goes in RL?

many of these mid-tier and lower-tier UFC guys have gone all-in for the sport. they train their asses off like few in any sport do and don't have remotely the kinds of guaranteed contracts and insurance that many others do. for most of them, they budget absolutely everything around a scheduled card, and the unseen dreadful elephant in the room is typically the issue of whetherr or not they have the terrible luck to get injured on their way to fight night. notwithstanding the fact that DFW always expects them to go hard and entertain the fans or ELSE. but dude, having a whole card canceled goes beyond any of that... it's unprecedented in UFC history and is a terrible blow for many of the individual fighters for many reasons, most of which revolve around budgeting money in a timely fashion. do you know what i mean?

anyway, these things tend to be the primary reasons why so many UFC fighters are pissed at jones right now. it's not some kind of mystery IME, but it's how people feel.

oh and BTW, re: your previous comments about edgar and fedor and all--

granted, i'll give you and brendo the first fight and i probably misspoke about that, so my apologies. on the other hand, i sincerely don't know what you're smoking to think that bendo came off better in the rematch if you're going by the body of people who actually watched the fight. starting with the UFC broadcast team to EVERY SINGLE fight coverage org i checked, from ESPN, BE, MMF, MMJ and anyone and everyone in-between, the body of experts and fellow fighters thought that EDGAR WON THE FIGHT, albeit very closely. i'll certify that as a fact as much as anything that you might ever ask me to guarantee. so i have absolutely no idea what data you're looking at, other than one fight-metric site in particular, i.e. which as i've pointed out to you before, is NOT the godfather of fight metric sites. which is also kind of irrelevant in this case, since the blows did come down to being virtually equal no matter what the stat site.

re: the fedor criticism,
after a certain point it's hard to know what a person is aiming for sometimes. i'm talking about you, here. i mean, one thing i've noticed is that a poster can agree with you 99% and yet you'll frequently jump in to point out the most microscopic of differences between the two of you. seriously, you seem to relish nitpicking the most trivial of differences, building these weird, elaborate posts in which you quote people sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, laboriously pointing out every single way in which that person is wrong and you're right.

so in the end, what is the point of debating anything with you? you're so fixated on telling people that they're wrong about something, anything, that it all tends to become irrelevant. so we're sitting here debating about how badly fedor lost the bigfoot fight.... was it by an inch? was it by a mile? doesn't some part of you concede the fact that there was a pattern going on? don't you get the idea that it was probably fedor's worst loss, ever, or can you go beyond your love of nitpicking and actually find one which was worse?

hey, jackass... don't get me wrong. you are definitely someone who knows their MMA shit in many ways and is definitely smarter than i am about certain MMA stuff. but i seriously don't get how and why you love to argue so much sometimes over the most microscopic of differences. it just gets kind of ridiculous sometimes IMO.

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