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Default Re: pretty sure RG3 will bust

Originally Posted by blacknapalm
close to nothing as a passing prospect? he has great arm strength, can throw on the run and has good touch and accuracy, especially on his long throws. making throws isn't the main critique for's reading defenses and transitioning to a pro style offense. barring injury, i really can't see him having a worse career than say, donovan mcnabb
yeah, i pointed out earlier that he does have a terrific deep ball and he does in fact possess a good arm. very quick release. he's mobile obviously and his unorthodox throwing motion on the run enables him to make rather difficult throws on the move with pretty impressive velocity. so yeah, close to nothing is a stretch. physically he isn't really all that disadvantaded, but of course he could be a tad taller and a bit more girthy. he didn't display very good accuracy on the intermediate and many times short throws at all to be honest. so yeah i agree with your post exculding the mcnabb part
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