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Default Re: Score Article: Bargnani's Impressive Defensive Numbers

Truthfully, I wouldn't want DeAndre Jordan at 10-11 mill/year either. BUT if you asked me who i'd take with the same money between Bargnani and Ibaka, give me Ibaka all day every day. Getting 5 boards in 35 minutes a game as a starting Center is nothing to overlook. I think he had the lowest rebounding average among starting Centers last year, and there's very few that would get that ridiculously low amount of boards in that many minutes. He has the size, he has the ability, he doesn't want to put in the effort. I will be so happy when he's not on our team anymore, seriously. Even moreso now because I remember that stretch of time a few seasons back where he was putting up monster numbers on the glass when he tried.

He had several outstanding rebounding games in the 2nd half of the 08-09 season. Same thing for parts of 09-10. And then the guy just flat-lined from there. He obviously doesn't care anymore, and that's why we haven't seen any improvement in those categories whatsoever since 2010.
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