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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by StateProperty
The Good:

- Best TE, especially considering the "elite" fantasy TE's only go about 5 deep
- I love Peyton too. Curious what round you reached though? Everyone in my money league is targeting Rodgers/Brees/Brady early, so I'm hoping I can stock up on other positions early and take Peyton or Stafford late.
- Best WR, obviously...what pick did you have?
- I like McGahee as a #2 RB in standard scoring

The Bad:

- Decker holds more value in a PPR league
- Charles/Hillis have split their carries pretty much 50/50 so far. Hillis will take away from his goal line carries and even receiving yards. Look to upgrade for a real #1, maybe using Charles/Bowe or McGahee/Bowe in trade.
- I love DeAngelo as a real life player, but he'll be inconsistent. HIGH in carries last year was 15 (twice), and low was 5. He had under 10 carries 7 times. He'll be frustrating in your flex.
Got CJ with #6, Rodgers went 5, after that there was a clear drop off so I got a nice spot. I took Peyton in I wanna say round 4, would have to look but I'm pretty sure, so pick 42 or so. It's not so much being displeased with having him, but Big Ben hung around until like late 6th, couple other guys I can't remember but solid #1 QBs. Just didn't get good value by taking him.

Ridley at least looked like a beast tonight so there is that, but we know how Belichick is with RBs.
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