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Default Re: Score Article: Bargnani's Impressive Defensive Numbers

Originally Posted by el gringos
that is hilarious and sad. Just so you know the thunder would give you I ibaka for Bargnani in a second- and they'd laugh at you the whole time.
I highly doubt that. They didn't just give the guy a 12m/year longterm deal because they think he's a lesser player than Andrea Bargnani. They have a conventional roster there were the perimeter guys are the all-stars/superstars and the internal guys are rebounders, defenders and shot blockers. He's only 22 years old as Q alluded to, he's by far the leading shot blocker in the league in only 27MPG, best help defender in the league. He was 2nd in voting behind LBJ for 1st team all defensive because of how versatile and solid he is as a defender. And 2nd in DPOY voting (which I think was a croc) losing to Tyson Chandler because of his previous year in Dallas.

So yeah, I agree that they would laugh at me the whole time if I offered Bargnani for Ibaka, but for different reasons than you think.
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