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Originally Posted by kkinchen
I think you're sleeping on T Will. And what is the obsession with Goudelock? He was garbage in the summer league. If he was a quality player he should have been dropping 20 a night with ease on those scrubs. He's a scrub.

Check out my boy.

It's called SUMMER LEAGUE, if you are already an NBA player with a spot on the team you just go there to get in shape or work on a few things.....get a freaking clue dude

In case you missed it he did great during the REAL SEASON which is the only thing that matters. I LMAO a couple years ago when guys got all excited because Adam Morrison lit it up in Summer League, I told those guys it didn't mean crap and that IMO he just doesn't move like an NBA player....too stiff, too slow, poor release, slow instincts.......100% correct.

If I had a dollar for every summer league superstar who was an NBA bust, I could buy the New Orleans Hornets

What, do you watch warm-ups before an NBA game and think Kobe has lost his skills because he misses a few shots

If T-Will isn't better than Metta or Ebanks then we have no use for him at all.
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