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Originally Posted by DKLaker
It's called SUMMER LEAGUE, if you are already an NBA player with a spot on the team you just go there to get in shape or work on a few things.....get a freaking clue dude

In case you missed it he did great during the REAL SEASON which is the only thing that matters. I LMAO a couple years ago when guys got all excited because Adam Morrison lit it up in Summer League, I told those guys it didn't mean crap and that IMO he just doesn't move like an NBA player....too stiff, too slow, poor release, slow instincts.......100% correct.

If I had a dollar for every summer league superstar who was an NBA bust, I could buy the New Orleans Hornets

What, do you watch warm-ups before an NBA game and think Kobe has lost his skills because he misses a few shots

If T-Will isn't better than Metta or Ebanks then we have no use for him at all.

I normally respect your opinion but you are just flat out wrong on this one. This guy has the toughness of Metta and his athleticism compares to Iguodala. Coach him up and he will be a nice replacement for Metta presumably when he moves on in 2014.

As for the summer league stuff, it does matter. Morrison played well in summer league because the level of competition is more comparable to college level players. If Goudelock couldn't at least play at the same level as Morrison in summer league, we should be really concerned. Face it bro. The dude is a scrub. We don't need his 4.4 points per game on 39% shooting. SCRUB.

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