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Originally Posted by kkinchen
I normally respect your opinion but you are just flat out wrong on this one. This guy has the toughness of Metta and his athleticism compares to Iguodala. Coach him up and he will be a nice replacement for Metta presumably when he moves on in 2014.

As for the summer league stuff, it does matter. Morrison played well in summer league because the level of competition is more comparable to college level players. If Goudelock couldn't at least play at the same level as Morrison in summer league, we should be really concerned. Face it bro. The dude is a scrub. We don't need his 4.4 points per game on 39% shooting. SCRUB.

2 years in the league and hasn't done anything nor earned a starting spot....I'll pass. Goudelock has shown he can play in REAL NBA games.

Your evaluation of talent????
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