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They were talking about this on sports talk radio a couple of days ago (Arkansas) and mentioned why Arkansas was lower than fans think they should be. No idea how they did the scoring or whatever, but apparently they had them ranked really low (like 200s or 300s) from '62-'69 and in the 140s from '00-present. That 20ish year stretch from the mid-70s through the mid-90s, if you just looked at those, they'd probably be a top 15 or borderline top 20 program.

Really is sad that they've been this mediocre and bad for 15+ years now. So much potential to be a perennial top 10-15 program. The Nolan Richardson falling-out really set the program back big time, though. Should've had him still coaching until 2005ish with Mike Anderson ready to step-in and take his place the following season instead of having that decade long stretch where it was nothing but shit coaches and mediocre teams after Richardson kinda sorta got himself fired.
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