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Default Re: Fire Gar/Pax Right f*cking now!

Originally Posted by poido123
Keep Brewer? yeah, i wouldnt disagree. Korver I wasnt a big fan, missed a lot of shots when we needed them, and hit alot of shots when we didnt...

Anyhow, I like the signing of Hinrich and Nate, makes for two solid guards to fill the rotation and step in while rose is recovering. And nazir mohammed's production will be much similar to what asik produced so not a big loss there, and he certainly wasnt worth that big contract if he was to play on our bench.

I agree about the moves for Kirk and Nate but signing Radmanovic was a head scratcher.
I mean, there were better players that were available during that signing.
Martel Webster, Delfino etc could have been more useful IMO.
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