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Default Re: pretty sure RG3 will bust

Originally Posted by detroitkid816
true, but griffin is less developed as a passer than even the average 2-3 round prospect. the reason why i created this thread was because of the unnecessary hype and unrealistic expectations that surround the dude. if people weren't predicting him to not only have a decent rookie season, but also eventually "revolutionize" the qb position, this thread would be insignificant. he showed close to nothing you'd want in a passing prospect.

I'm not much of an nfl prospect aficionado, so i haven't gathered much observation on many other prosects. from what i have seen of him though, he has the physical tools.

Griffin completed nearly 70% of his collegiate passes, a figure only hurt by his 60% completion rate as a freshman. By his junior season, his team was consistently winning games.

Locker struggled to complete 55% at the college level in a weak PAC 10 and never led a team to better than 6-6 record. What "tools" does he appear to have? Same height. Less accomplished as a passer. Run first. Horribly inaccurate.
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