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Originally Posted by ihatetimthomas
Legal issues or not, I think Barnes was going to have to settle on the min. A lot of guys of his caliber are getting the min.

I think Blake can do better in a role where he knows he can handle which is going to be very limited. I think he couldnt handle the pressure when he came to LA bc everyone was hoping he would be the answer at the point. 4 mil is too much but not going to get much in return.

Kmart would be great for LA bc of his man defense and he can play both positions. Would he be willing to play with such little time he would get once Dwight returns? I can see Birdman willing to come for the min and accept limited minutes.

Yeah, I read that Birdman is worried that he won't get an NBA contract and is very anxious to sign for the minimum. I suspect that same reality is starting to hit Kmart.....the time for holding out for more money has passed this year.

Yes, you are 100% correct about Barnes.....I do feel a bit sorry for him, and I bet he wants back in now because of the championship quality roster......I don't know what Mitch wants for that last player....SF/PF or C combo.
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