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Default Re: Anyone here playing Sleeping Dogs?

Originally Posted by glidedrxlr22
I have a couple of mission questions.

1. There's an orange icon mission where you go to a dojo and wail on 4 different types of this mission always open? It always seems to stay active even after I've beaten everybody up.

2. I'm doing a side mission where I have to take pictures of nature and landmarks for a t-shirt shop. I'm at the part where it asks for pictures of a sunset. I drive up to the spot and snap some pics but it never marks it as complete and I can't proceed to the next spot. Huh?

1 - Orange items are events (fight club, racing, stealing cars, jacking armored trucks). They are always open but I think you get a costume from each of the 4 and an achievement/trophy when you clear them all. You can always go back though.

2 - That mission was pretty straightforward to me so I dunno

PS: I am this close to getting face lvl 6 and I can finally rock that nice white suit
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