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Default Re: Which NBA players do u study/watch YouTube highlights of to steal moves/work on game

Originally Posted by Lebron23
Your almost 10 years older than me. I've been playing basketball since I was 8 yrs.old.

LOL yeah I'm pretty old, I wish I would have started earlier but I always thought I didn't have a chance. I've been playing regularly for almost three years now and have gotten much better without putting a whole lot of work in. It would have been nice to play when I was younger, more athletic and had more time. I was a runner in high school, competed in power lifting for a while and raced mountain bikes after that so I've always had some kind of competition in my life.

Originally Posted by ace23
You're supposed to hop after you go behind your back with the dribble. You cover more ground that way.

Sometimes I hop to the side but it feels more like a walk to me that way. I like to feel my feet planted when I dribble behind my back so there's no doubt. That wasn't my best work in the video, I just wanted to see myself do it
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