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Default Re: Building a Team: Dwight or Alonzo Mourning?

dwight's the better finisher and probably better overall in PNR. he's also the better rebounder.

i think mourning was more savvy around the hoop and at least near equal defensively. i also think he brings more intangibles to his team. he was more inspiring and vocal.

seriously tough call but i guess i'm going with dwight due to his ability to draw doubles, his efficiency and his overall defensive prowess. i just think he's a much more potent #2 option than mourning is in the same role.

i do think zo's '06 playoff run tends to get underrated, especially in the finals. dude was so active defensively, especially help side. he wasn't even worried on offense since miami decided he wasn't really much of an option outside of putbacks. his defense and leadership were huge and we're talking about a well past prime zo. he was arguably the 4th most impactful miami player.

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