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Default Re: Anyone here playing Sleeping Dogs?

Originally Posted by dunksby
Damn you people must have entered the video game world a few years ago, why is GTA synonymous with GTA 4? When I think of GTA I don't even think of GTA 4, it's either vanilla GTA III or Vice City or San Andreas.
When I say it's a mash up of GTA and Yakuza (the game) it is what it is no need to get defensive tell me how it is not? They borrowed from Max Payne and Puisher (the game) too to make shit more interesting but its still an average game that aint worth paying for.
Seriously it's been made for teenagers, look at the size of every mobster in the game, its like everyone has been working out their whole life all ripped and toned they look more like Jersey Shore cast than gangsters

i dont even get what you're mad at? are you mad that they ripped off other games or that dudes are more ripped than you in Hong Kong?
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