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Default Re: NBA 2K13 Discussion

Originally Posted by BankShot
One can only assume that the active posters in this thread are going to be getting this game the day it comes out.... so the whole pre-order/ASG deal shouldn't really be an issue. If we're gonna buy it on the release date, why not pre-order (usually $5) and guarantee the extra content?

Originally Posted by niko
The preorder is not a code, it's in the box. If you get a copy the first day you're guaranteed to get the content.

They've stopped giving out sheets for preorder codes and have just left them in the box. Same thing with 2K12.

I can't bring myself to buy this game opening day, no matter how promising it looks. If I don't get some guitar hero dunk contest or canned blacktop 3 point contest because of it, who cares
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