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Default Re: Playoff Teams in Each Conference Prediction

Originally Posted by clipse026
Just the best offense of all time. No big deal.

NFC: Gb, Sf, Nyg, No
Wc Phi, Atl

Afc: Ne, Bal, Ten, Den
Wc Hou, Pit

The Saints are no particular lock to do anything. They are a very good team in a conference with a bunch of very good teams. Note the 49ers and their very pedestrian offense knocked you out because your "best offense of all time" (which is ridiculous btw) compliments your "defense so crappy it was paying players to hurt people and still couldn't do it".

No apologies, we'll see what happens. The Saints are between a 9 and 11 win team (much like my Giants) and an injury or hiccup here and there can knock you out.

Do you watch football? There are very few "locks". NE is a lock. SF is a lock (because their division is crap). You are not a lock.
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