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Default Re: NBA 2K13 Discussion

I can see why they would make it a DLC if you dont preorder because of how much content it is. I can also see why they wouldnt make it a DLC because they've made pre order download available to those who didnt preorder. Only awhile later down the road (GSW/Sac). With the way 2k is goin and they know they are cornering the bball market going DLC is what games generally end up doing anyway. All the games I've played operated this way.

If you dont preorder and buy it on release day you're not too bright. While preorders can be good for 5 days I can see someone waiting 2-3 days to play it over a friends house or rent it then deciding whether to buy.

I'm pre ordering not only becuase of new content but I get a $20 gift certificate from Best Buy if I do. Works for me bigtime. Anyone who is a Best Buy rewards zone member there are games if you preorder you get $20.
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