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Default Re: Playoff Teams in Each Conference Prediction

NFC- Packers, Saints, 49ers, Eagles
WC- Bears, Giants

AFC- Pats, Texans, Steelers, Broncos
WC- Ravens, Bills

NFC will be a bloodbath, I see 8 playoff level teams with Falcons & Lions just missing. Cowboys, Seahawks and Panthers have legit shots if everything goes right for them.

AFC not as exciting, Pats & Texans are locks, Steelers/Ravens will duke it out, AFC West and the last wildcard spot are up in the air but I don't see many contenders. Chiefs and Titans have the best shots. Went Buffalo b/c they're more consistent and their schedule from Week 11 on is golden. Bengals were lucky to sneak in last year, don't see it happening again. Jets offense is trash, in San Diego Rivers isn't the same and they're low on talent on both sides of the ball, Raiders can't stay healthy and aren't that great to begin with.
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