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Default Re: Is it possible Obama is a Manchurian candidate?

Originally Posted by andgar923
Didn't say I did, was just asking.

I know that certain people from certain countries look out for one another.

There's banks from South America that look out for each other, and will treat Mexicans differently. I've heard that Asians from the same countries always look out for each other.

In regards to the Manchurian Candidate, i believe in the possibility of that theory being true. MK Ultra has been documented as being a FACT.

My mistake, I should have said

you're open to possibility of Jew Code.

Mexico is in North America buddy.

Yes, MK Ultra took place but its FAILURE has been documented as a FACT.

Guess what, you give LSD to unwitting subjects you don't create highly functioning adults who can occupy elite levels of society without being noticed.

You create folks like this
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