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Default Re: Team News: Kupchak might be Lakers' true superhero

Originally Posted by DKLaker
With what they did I do not see this franchise as being relevant for at least 6 you?

I see their only shot was to get a legit top player for Howard and they blew it. doesn't matter to me what Orlando was thinking, their front office is more incompetent than our scouting department which is being run by 24 year old Jesse Buss. Stupid is as stupid

I do think they should have rolled the dice on Bynum, I just see there are dif ways to approach reconstructing a team. They are hoping to go the OKC route, which worked for them but its really tough to duplicate.

Them being relevant in the coming years will depend on how they draft. They will get top lottery picks the next few years and if they pan out, then that could change every thing for them.
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