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Default Re: Is it possible Obama is a Manchurian candidate?

Originally Posted by Godzuki
cmon man. sure people from the same country/race will look out for each other more than some stranger but not to the extent of living a very overachieving life, graduating from Harvard, years in the Senate, then becoming President to destroy the country from within i mean how do you go from the idea that people from the same country look out for each other(like i'll hook another korean up with maybe $40 off of a $1200 bill if they ask for it right) to Obama trying to topple the U.S. for the sake of Africa?

seriously conspiracy theorist mentality should be in the medical dictionary as a sub condition to schizophrenia. Its absurd how many people these days believe in conspiracy theories for everything that happens. its not even okay

What you posted has nothing to do with my post.

My post was referencing a thread I made, which was later deleted.

The only thing in my post that's related to this thread, is the Manchurian Candidate part, not the other stuff.
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