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Default Re: Lebrons 45-15-5 game vs Celtics Game 6 (video)

Originally Posted by Magic 32
A former great team on their last legs. 2008 Celtics would shut him down.

Lebron had the easiest road to the finals since Kidd and Martin in 2002.

No Rose, no Howard, not a single team above "very good" status.

Lebron individually basically never had trouble against Celtics, especially not against Rose and his team or Howard and his team.... against Howard he had arguably the most productive series in NBA playoff history averaging 39-8-8... against Rose? See what happened in ECF last year... against Celtics, see what happened this year, last year and in his Cavs days..

Lebron played with career low averaging injured Wade, a career low averaging injured Bosh who missed basically the entire ECF and excluding the Finals his other roleplayers were underperforming and were exploited due to their small size defensively against especially Celtics.... Lebron literally carried that team with amazing playoff performance, he willed that team to a championship and had actually great competition, but he played so good that it made his competition look.... "easy"....
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