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Default Re: Lebrons 45-15-5 game vs Celtics Game 6 (video)

Originally Posted by Magic 32

The 2012 eastern conference was a joke.

How was that a joke? Miami was tied 2-2 against Indiana with Pacers having all the momentum to advance. Miami was trailing 3-2 against Boston in the conference Finals. And then in the Finals Miami won against Oklahoma 4-1, the same Oklahoma team which, except for San Antonio series, has closed out competition in the western conference pretty easily.

Something doesn't seem logical here, don't you think? Actually no, it is logical and the conclusion that follows is that 2012 western conference was an even bigger joke, but God forbid to say something like that cuz our hero Kobe is playing there and his ''competitive spirit'' won't allow him to face weak competiton...

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