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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by UConnCeltics
UConn's D was nasty last night. First team D gave up about 40 yards and 2 first downs through 3 and a half quarters, and UMASS only got 59 yards and 3 first downs the whole game.

And UConn has a QB that is competent enough to throw a pass. WTF.

not to rain on your parade but UConn was playing UMass. I watched a chunk of it and I was actually surprised the Huskies weren't beating them down worse. It was their first game as an FBS member after all.

I didn't think WSU looked as bad as the score indicated vs BYU. They just killed themselves with untimely turnovers and were royally screwed by some awful holding calls on a TD, the other on a play that would have put them inside the 5. They moved the ball ok. I thought the QB did ok considering BYU was blowing through their line. The biggest issue for Wazzu I was was their WRs run really crappy routes.

the big upset of the day was McNeese State going Murfreesboro to defeat Mid Tennessee State 27-21.
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