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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
He broke his foot and missed the entire preseason because of it...he will likely be worked in slow

same reason Miles fell in drafts...people concerned about his injury and also Dez taking away targets and becoming the #1
He fractured a small bone in his foot in May and he didn't miss the entire preseason... He played against New England the other night.

I don't expect him to be worked in slowly at all. He will have his usual role as a primary offensive threat right from the jump. Furthermore, as I said, that is not the reason I didn't draft him and he is not falling in every draft. Marlo said above that in one of his most competitive drafts a few days ago he went in the 2nd round.

Maybe you didn't take him because of injury concerns or Cruz or whatever, but that isn't why I didn't take him and a lot of people are taking him early in drafts.

Miles Austin isn't as good as Nicks and his injury issues are much more severe. Totally different case.
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