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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by kentatm
not to rain on your parade but UConn was playing UMass. I watched a chunk of it and I was actually surprised the Huskies weren't beating them down worse. It was their first game as an FBS member after all.
Yeah, they probably lost about 14 points due to dumbass or lucky turnovers, such as that guy diving out of bounds to tap it back in. Basically it seemed like this game was scripted for UConn, they knew they would win it so they branched out to try some things in preparation for the rest of the season. Next week with NC State coming in, we'll see how bad the offense is and how good the defense is. And I don't care who you play; 59 yards, 3 first downs, 24 rushes for 3 yards, 0 snaps on the UConn side of the field for UMass. Thats just dominant, even against a first year FBS team. Hell an FCS team will at least get on the board in most cases.
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