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Age: 14
Height: 5'11
Weight: 140 lbs (Trying to gain about 6 pounds in muscle)
Body fat %: 13-14%( Need to cut down to about 8%)
Experience: Learned fundamentals playing at the YMCA, played on middle school team, NJB, AAU, and Asian League club teams.
Nickname(s): Foul Magnet, Lobster( Inside Joke)
Strengths: Getting to the line, finishing in traffic, timing on rebounds/blocks, lobster defense( inside joke), ability to put ball on the floor and create
Weaknesses: Streakiness on free throws/ outside shooting, mental toughness, weak right knee, guarding tall(6'2-6'4) perimeter players
Player Comparision(s): Matthew Dallevedova( St. Mary's), Grant Hill( Early Years) Aaron Craft( Might be wishful thinking)
Inspirations: Mommy, Andre Iggy
Long Term Goals: Playing Division I Ball
Short Term Goals: Making school squad( aiming for JV but I'll be fine as a starter on Freshman A)
Favorite Quotes: "Hard Work beats talent", "You miss every shot you don't take"
What I go to war with: Shock Doctor knee sleeve on right knee,
Nike Huarache 2k4's( Getting new basketball shoes for the upcoming season soon)
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