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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by Snoop_Cat
Ah, thanks for the clarification, I didn't watch the game so I had to go off the Box Score.

For the other comments - does anyone really see any other teams going undefeated. At least two of Arkansas/LSU/Alabama will have at least one loss because of the SEC West, and I would be VERY surprised if someone else like OU or FSU didn't lose.

if FSU makes it to v-tech undefeated and beats them, i think they have a really good chance of winning out. it's really going to come down to how far the o-line has come along and avoiding injuries. their defense is top 10 easily and they have arguably the fastest D sideline to sideline in the nation. maybe that's a bit of my homer side coming out, but i also think clemson is a bit overrated this season. i think v-tech is the bigger matchup, styles wise.

i understand you questioning if they'd go undefeated though. it's ACC or bust for them and they've disappointed in the past. i just feel many of their problems last year came down to injuries and youth.

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