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Default Re: NFL Offseason Thread (stuff that doesn't deserve own thread)

Originally Posted by GatorKid117
Tanard Jackson suspended indefinitely.

He's appealing but regardless, stupid.... stupid.... stupid.

So much potential wasted.

yep. as a bucs fan going through that twice, i know how frustrating it was to watch. iirc, he even went to counseling last year. the guy has the talent to be a top flight safety in the league and can't put down the bong

let him appeal, he's not going to win. at this point, he has an uphill battle to get back in the league at all. no team wants to invest in a pothead that gets suspended all the time. he better clamp down and knock it off now because he only has one more chance at best.

kellen winslow was released today as well. hate to see those guys do bad, but at the same time, i'm kinda glad bucs cut ties with them when they did. actually, F winslow. guy never practiced hard and refused to block. then he demanded freeman throw him the ball, talked all kinds of garbage about schiano on his way out while saying raheem was 'his guy' (probably because he let him get away with stuff).

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