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Its a different game to me from Madden 12 as far as gameplay is concerned. Running is more difficult and there are times bumping into your OL screws you up. User catching is tough for me vs Madden 12. I can use catch interceptions/jump just fine but when it comes to my WR? There are times I cant and the ball will hit me in the face and bounce off or go past me with no attempt of catching. If not for being in a Madden online league with every team as a human? I would be taking it back to get 1/2 my money back after unlocking asll the achievements.

I too hate the connected career interface and interface in general. Also somethin as basic as reorderin your depth chart can be tedius as you click on a button thinkin you locked onto the player to move up and you havent. So you gotta back out and try over. Free agency say you go to My negotiations and check on a player. Click on their name to increase contract offer and when you hit the back button? It takes you to the main free agency menu instead of keeping you in the My negotiations menu. When you want to offer contracts to say WR only? Once you offer one a contract you're placed back to the main free agency menu. Its a hassle to keep sifting thru certain positions you want and staying there.

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