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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by blacknapalm
going back to the bama game, i think i came away most impressed with their offense. granted, michigan doesn't have a vaunted D but no way did i expect bama to have four offensive TDs and over 400+ yards of offense. their backs run with purpose and authority and their o-line made huge pushes. their rushing was the big surprise to me as it was a nice varied attack. yeldon was unleashed. a rookie with 100+ yards on only 11 carries? impressive. it already seems like their new OC is making an impact and he even had mccarron air it out a bit on a couple of designed bombs.

let's see if bama can keep up that offensive attack against arkansas in week 3. as far as michigan, let's see if any other team can even hold them to 14 points. the least amount of points they scored last year was against iowa after a couple untimely and unforced TO's. they still scored 16. if you have an elite D, you can hold michigan down.

saban just coaches that D so well. being as inexperienced as they are, an atypical problem is for them to break contain but bama's defense just remained calm and disciplined throughout.

bama simply outclassed michigan and showed why it might not be a good idea to schedule an OOC SEC opponent. high risk, high reward. if you win, people will say, 'well damn, they're contenders.'. if you lose, people will say, 'overrated! won't be able to hang'. there isn't a whole lot of middle ground. at least they scheduled it early since that's about the only saving grace.

it's one game and we have a long season ahead. i'm just glad CFB is back.
I questioned the decision by Michigan to schedule this game earlier in the thread and last night only validated what I had suspected.

UM is in year two of what amounts to a total rebuild. RichRod did so much damage to the brand in his years here that it is going to take time to get back to where the program was in the mid-00s.

I believe Hoke is the man for the job and I think he is doing great work thus far, but no way has he had enough time to undo all of the missteps of RR. I mean, we still have a starting QB who can't throw the ball. You aren't going to beat arguably the best team in the country with a completely one-dimensional offense.

Now, he has the No. 1 QB recruit in the nation coming in next year and he is a pocket passing quarterback in the mold of Grbac, Brady and Henne.... The way it should be.

But, to take a game like this when the majority of the roster is still made up of some other guy's recruits? I don't get it. I guess it was an exposure thing, but I have to think last night did more harm than good in that department.
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