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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
I questioned the decision by Michigan to schedule this game earlier in the thread and last night only validated what I had suspected.

UM is in year two of what amounts to a total rebuild. RichRod did so much damage to the brand in his years here that it is going to take time to get back to where the program was in the mid-00s.

I believe Hoke is the man for the job and I think he is doing great work thus far, but no way has he had enough time to undo all of the missteps of RR. I mean, we still have a starting QB who can't throw the ball. You aren't going to beat arguably the best team in the country with a completely one-dimensional offense.

Now, he has the No. 1 QB recruit in the nation coming in next year and he is a pocket passing quarterback in the mold of Grbac, Brady and Henne.... The way it should be.

But, to take a game like this when the majority of the roster is still made up of some other guy's recruits? I don't get it. I guess it was an exposure thing, but I have to think last night did more harm than good in that department.

I don't think it was too bad a decision. The brand sells for itself. He just needs to continue to sell that he is rebuilding the team and each particular recruit is a key to rebuilding it and spin to them the type of glory and adulation they will get when they are key to Michigan winning a MNC. They lost, but they had a prime time spot for the viewing audience and I think everyone knew before hand that they are a year or two away from actually being a threat to a team of Alabama's talent. In that sense I think it was a good loss compared to playing a no name, romping and being exposed down the line. Least now they can assess what they can and can't do on both sides of the ball and go from there. After Alabama it's all down hill in a good way as the rest of the BIG 10 is also rebuilding.
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