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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by IcanzIIravor
I don't think it was too bad a decision. The brand sells for itself. He just needs to continue to sell that he is rebuilding the team and each particular recruit is a key to rebuilding it and spin to them the type of glory and adulation they will get when they are key to Michigan winning a MNC. They lost, but they had a prime time spot for the viewing audience and I think everyone knew before hand that they are a year or two away from actually being a threat to a team of Alabama's talent. In that sense I think it was a good loss compared to playing a no name, romping and being exposed down the line. Least now they can assess what they can and can't do on both sides of the ball and go from there. After Alabama it's all down hill in a good way as the rest of the BIG 10 is also rebuilding.
Fair points.

I would just have preferred this game to happen a couple of years down the line. But, I guess Hoke has his reasons. He knew what he was up against and what he had to work with, yet he chose to schedule the game anyway. Maybe that game will be used as a template to show current and future players where they need to be in order to compete with the best?

I'm not saying it was a devastating blow to the program or anything, but I also feel like people know the program is still rebuilding and that it is going to take time... We didn't need to see that fact exposed against a team like that.

Whatever... maybe it will pay dividends later on. I hope you're right.
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