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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

So I was told the wrong time for my 16 team league. Standard non-ppr scoring. I entered the draft in the 4th round and said screw it any strategy I had going in was not going to happen (computer auto-drafted 2 WRs for my first two picks) so I let the computer auto-draft everything else. I'm stuck with:

QB: Big Ben/Russell Wilson
WR: Fitz/Jennings/Collie/Breaston/Benn
RB: Ingram/Benjarvus/Tate/Hardesty/Pead
TE: Fleener
DEF: Bears
K: Prater

Fitz and Jennings have the same bye so I'm already chalking up that week as an automatic loss. Can anyone figure out any possible moves I can try to make?
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