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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by blacknapalm
my team (not ecstatic about it but i think i got a couple steals in there). first off, yahoo disconnected me in the 3rd round for a few seconds. i was gonna go with AD (first 3 picks all RB but i didn't care). instead, damn autopick gave me romo. is romo even that high?

QB - Romo
RB - Foster
WR - Bryant
WR - Garcon
TE - Hernandez
FLEX - Torrey Smith
DEF - Cincy
K - Kaeding

BN - David Wilson
BN - Luck
BN - Meachem
BN - Britt
BN - Amendola
BN - Rudolph

biggest steal to me was britt. i jumped at the chance to grab him in the 11th round. obviously he's had issues in the past but i couldn't pass up on that potential that late. there's an outside chance garcon and smith both finish in the top 15 WR but i'll be keeping an eye out on little and young in that regard as well.

i also love wilson's potential if bradshaw gets hurt (likely). meachem has a chance to emerge as SD's #1 WR as he develops more chemistry. rudolph is a good backup TE. anyway, what do you guys think? it was quite the crap shoot and i missed on some sleepers but i think i did okay overall considering.

bess is still available. should i grab him?
If you were to get Bess, you should drop Rudolph or Luck. Don't think it would help you too much, but it all depends on how much you like Bess.
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