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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by jazz873
Had to go with BGE who i kinda like this year

i like him too. i think he's a solid RB2. he's a volume back who will get his touches and defenses will have to worry about defending green. he's going to be the main red zone back and i see his floor being 9 TD's. you're absolutely loaded at WR. how'd the rest of your draft go?

EDIT: i see yahoo got rid of the 'note to self' field again. i suspect many people don't use it but i found it very useful to jot down quick notes on who to look out for, possible trade ideas, etc. it's basically just notepad but i liked how it was just right there. no need to open notepad and save a file. really don't get why they'd get rid of it...i doubt it really slows down loading times or leaves a smaller footprint. they're gonna rid of that but keep some of the 'research' features. that stuff overlaps so damn much.

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