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Default Re: 2012-2013 English Premier League Thread (La Liga, Serie A, etc.)

Friedel is better than Lloris. He would still be USA's first choice keeper if he didn't retire. Don't forget in 2002 he was the second best goal keeper in the world cup. The problem is he's an old 41 year old grandpa and Lloris is 25, and didn't sign that contract with Tottenham expecting to be second choice to an old gramps. Lloris has a pretty big reputation and hype around him, probably from becoming Frances first choice from a young age, that from everything I've seen of him, is not entirely deserved, similar to the undeserved hype Akinfeev used to get and still does get from some people. He makes too many rash dumbass mistakes to be considered top 10 in the world. He has no leadership qualities or command of his back four, that's what stands out to me as a big weakness for a keeper. But then again he's French, a good french leader only comes along once every hundred fifty years or so.

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