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Default Re: Torrent invite swap?

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
How good is HD torrents? I have some invites but not sure I really need this one.

I've used for years. Almost all new movies come out on all sites in various qualities from your 700mb-1.3gb dvdrips to the 2-3 gig brrips. I never bother with the huge 4+ gig rips or copies. Does this site have lots of older hard to find movies/shows?

HD-Torrents is great for very high-quality HD-TV and Blu-Ray rips.... 720p and 1080p only.

I wouldn't say it has a lot of hard-to-find movies or shows, since its strictly a Hi-Def-only site... but if it has been released on Blu-Ray or HD-DVD, you can bet that HD-Torrents has a very high-quality rip of it.

Pretty much all movies are 4.36 GB and up, and all TV show episodes start in the 700 MB range... so if you're not big into extreme quality, it might not be for you.
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