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Default Re: Bigass Poltical thread Part V: The Democratic Convention

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
If he ever wins the means Castro conquers America.

More seriously, Romney appears to have locked up the coveted Nicki Minaj endorsement. (Well, maybe he didn't, but what does it matter anyway?)

To be honest here... Iam totally amazed at how the dems have changed their tone since campaign season got hot..

They are actually kicking butts and taking names. Im used to the democrats running and cowering in the face of GOP dishonest attacks..... But not this time.. They are actually holding Paul Ryan and these other guys to account for the misleading rhetoric

Their packaging is slick and they have these young handsome politician dudes lined up follow in the mold of Obama. This Castro guy could be huge if he gets the proper exposure

Dems have impressed me by showing some guts for a change

^This ad is a great example.... Please check it out...
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