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Default Re: I want to buy a kickass gaming desktop under 2k

Originally Posted by macmac
What do I do? Should I get a buddy to build me one, do I check out best buy or futureshop, do I buy a custom made one online?

What specs do you guys recommend?

You're in Canada, so go to Tiger Direct (I believe it's only in Burlington). They customize desktops and laptops to your preferences. My buddy who is a computer genuise just built a desktop himself by buying parts from TD for under $1,500. He even used see-through covers, which looks really cool.

I am not great with computers myself but I do know the motherboard is the most essential part of building a powerful computer due to its compatabilities with other components.

My friend has (according to him, and I trust him) a quad-core, 3.5 GHz, 12 GB of RAM, and the best graphics card (he loves his video games) and he got the shieldings too for less then 1,500.

But they customize it for you down there, and they will help you meet your needs. They are online accessible. I live in New York, so it's really far from me otherwise I would have bought a computer from there a long time ago.
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