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Default Re: I want to buy a kickass gaming desktop under 2k

Originally Posted by rhythmic †hesis
Great point, my friend did tell me that if you're dealing with TD, you should be somewhat of an expert with computers or at least have a friend with you helping out.

But I know a bunch of people in Canada who either customized their computer or bought one from TD and have no complaints.

ASUS, for example, expects a fairly high level of tech knowledge from their customers. If you're looking for support on a mobo, one of their troubleshooting steps would be to mail you a chip with the newer BIOS revision to install on the motherboard yourself. That process is quite a bit more involved than anything else required to build a computer.

The convenience, and simplicity, of a simple exchange by the retailer is invaluable to me. Having a friend with experience is sound advice. Not to mention, the wiring will probably look a whole lot neater than a first timer.
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