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Default Re: More Shawn Kemp!!!!!!!!! (Video of Dunks)

Originally Posted by L.Kizzle
When do you think it became Payton's team? Or did it ever become his team?

Payton was More Expressfull and Trash-Talky...That Is Why The Media Might Have Seen Him as the Leader but Silently Kemp Was The Best Defender and Open Court Finisher (broken down stats agree with me too DRT and DWS) by Far.

The 1995-96 Sonics Was The Best Team Not To Win The Ring During The 90s. They had The Best Combination of Defense, Size, Passing Ability, Sharp Far Range Shooting, and Post Game . The Frontline with Detlef, Kemp and Perkins Was Diverse and Complete....You had Trouble Inside and Outside and You had the Glove Outside Playing Great Perimeter D and Scoring etc

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